Fresh Start

Here we go: September 2022.  This time of year offers a chance to start anew and evaluate where we are on our paths.  

As we move out of the height of the pandemic, self reflection feels even more important. So much has changed since Spring 2020.  Our world and routines were turned upside down and there was loss on so many levels. While we are still dealing with Covid and additional threats to our community and planet, September 2022 brings an opportunity for change.  A chance for healing, reflection, and thinking outside the box. One door closes and another opens.  

Here are a few questions to help with this reflection.  If these resonate, great.  If other questions better meet the moment, follow your heart.  

1. What is something that takes up your time OR space that you want (or need) to let go?  What fills your moments in between that no longer works for you? What is creating clutter in your mind or physical space?

2. If you let go and create space, how would you choose to fill it?  What will help you meet this moment?  What will help you feel connected to yourself or others?

3.  What small routine or self care activity can you add to your daily routine?  Even a minute a day can set things in motion.

Wishing you all more ease in September!


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