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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on form of body work that promotes balance, relaxation, and healing. Reiki works to unblock stuck energy, thereby allowing your body’s innate healing process to occur.  By request, I can incorporate Reiki into your coaching program or provide individual sessions.  I also offer packages and a discounted rate for my coaching clients.

What can I expect during a session?

When you arrive, I will spend a few minutes talking with you about what to expect and answering any of your questions.  During your session, you will remain fully clothed, with the exception of your shoes.  There are plenty of blankets and pillows to ensure your comfort.  I offer Reiki using a very gentle static touch.  I typically work on the head, shoulders, stomach, knees, and feet.  Reiki promotes relaxation and many of my clients rest or fall asleep during the session.  Sometimes people report feeling a warm or cool sensation or a gentle movement of energy.  I am always open to questions before, during or after a session.

“Stefanie has such a calm and soothing manner and a passion for Reiki that would be hard to rival…I left with a feeling of peace and wellness.  Stefanie truly has a gift in connecting and healing everyone she comes in contact with.”   H.R.