Finding Balance on Rough Waters

Finding Balance on Rough Waters 
A few weeks ago, I tried stand-up paddleboarding for the very first time. This is something I have wanted to try for awhile.  I met the group by the shore and noticed that the water was quite rocky and I started to feel ambivalent. Would I be able to find my balance?  I began paddling on my knees and wasn’t sure how far I would get.  After a few minutes, I gathered some courage and stood up.  It was a profound experience.  Instead of bracing against the choppy waters, I bent my knees, focussed on my core, and fully experienced standing on an unstable base. I felt truly alive.

After an hour of paddling, the instructor gathered us for a yoga practice on our boards. Just as we began, bald eagles took flight overhead.  It was one of those moments that catches your breath. Eagles symbolize the courage to stretch limits and look at things from a higher perspective. Eagles are patient with the present and know that the future holds possibilities that we might not yet be able to see.  It is about taking flight.

I have been struck by how this experience parallels other challenges in life.  We are in the midst of some truly difficult times.  Finding moments to come home to our center during these struggles can be a refuge.

Where is one place you can find refuge in the rocky waters?  Where can you stretch your limits? Be courageous?  Take flight?

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