Why Diets Are Not the Answer

This is an archived post taken from the March 2013 edition of KrantzWellness News.

You can’t go anywhere these days without being bombarded with the latest ways to lose weight.  Each new diet declares that it has the answer to your weight problems and if only you have the willpower to follow this diet, you will get results.  Eat meat, don’t eat meat, eat raw food, eat cooked food, carbs, no carbs… The problem is that these one-size-fits-all solutions are short sighted.  Each person is unique, with different needs that can change over time.  Being told what to eat and when to eat it supports the disconnect between your own intuition and what your body needs to find balance.  In our fast paced world, we have often lost sight of what can nourish and balance our bodies.  Given half a chance, your body will balance itself, but this is only possible by getting out of the diet mentality and listening to what you truly need.  Taking all of that outward energy you expend on diets, fads, and gimmicks and instead turning it inward, allows you to listen to your inner wisdom about what you need.

March is a transition month .  As I am writing this, there are snow flakes in the air and I can hear spring birds chirping in the tree outside my window.  As we begin to see the transition outside, it is helpful to remember that this is a transition time for our bodies as well.   Eating to reflect these seasonal changes can support optimal health and help move our bodies from the cold and dry winter days to the warmer and wetter spring.  Foods that support your body during this time are seasonal leafy greens (ie. arugula, chard, spinach, parsley, and dandelion), citrus fruits, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, sprouted foods, and healthy whole grains (ie. amaranth, quinoa and millet).   Here are a few recipes for inspiration.

Recipes to Try

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